Limited or no connectivity
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Limited or no connectivity

This article describes what to do if there is limited or no connectivity.

  1. Check the display status on the LCD and confirm you are connected to the network with more than two bars of signal.
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  2. Make sure that network coverage is available in your area.
    Note: To view the locations AT&T data service can be used, view the AT&T Network coverage map at
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  3. Make sure that your micro-SIM card is active and enabled with data services.
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  4. Wait one to two minutes for the hotspot to initialize.
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  5. Switch your hotspot off and on and restart your computer or Wi-Fi device.
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  6. Check to see if you can access If you can access but you cannot access other non-NETGEAR websites, you might need to top up or recharge your prepaid SIM card.
    Note: To check additional mobile hotspot settings, from a device connected to the mobile hotspot Wi-Fi network, open a browser and go to http://attwifimanager/ and enter the password. The default password to access AT&T Wi-Fi Manager is "attadmin".  Link will only work if you are connected to the mobile hotspot Wi-Fi network.
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