Guest Wi-Fi
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Guest Wi-Fi

Learn how to set up guest Wi-Fi.

  1. Guest Wi-Fi allows you to set up a separate Wi-Fi network for temporary users, and use the main network for trusted devices.
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  2. To set up Guest Wi-Fi, login to the AT&T Wi-Fi Manager from a device connected to the AT&T Unite Express Wi-Fi network.
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  3. Click Wi-Fi.
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  4. Click OPTIONS.
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  5. Click the Enable Guest Wi-Fi checkbox to activate a guest network.
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  6. The maximum number of devices connected to your Unite Express is limited to 10. Click the Max Wi-Fi selector to increase or decrease the number of devices allowed to connect to your hotspot.
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  7. Click to distribute access points for devices allowed to connect to either Main Wi-Fi or Guest Wi-Fi.
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  8. Click Submit to save changes to your Wi-Fi Settings.
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  9. Click Submit to confirm.
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