Keyboard & typing
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Keyboard & typing

How to use the keyboard, use speech-to-text, access keyboard settings, and more.

  1. While entering text, tap the Shift icon to enable shift.
    device 2984/1544135.jpg
  2. Double-tap the Shift icon to enable CAPS LOCK.
    Note: A line will appear below the Shift icon to indicate Caps Lock.
    device 2984/1544136.jpg
  3. Tap the '12#' icon to view numbers and special characters.
    device 2984/1544137.jpg
  4. Tap the Page icon to view additional special characters.
    device 2984/1544138.jpg
  5. Tap the 'ABC' icon to return to letters.
    device 2984/1544139.jpg
  6. Auto complete suggestions are shown in the space above the keyboard. Tap the desired suggestion to replace the highlighted text.
    device 2984/1544140.jpg
  7. Touch and hold the Microphone icon to enable voice-to-text capabilities.
    device 2984/1544141.jpg
  8. To copy text, touch and hold the desired text.
    device 2984/1544142.jpg
  9. Use the Selection brackets to adjust the desired selection.
    device 2984/1544143.jpg
  10. Tap the Copy icon.
    device 2984/1544144.jpg
  11. Touch and hold the desired place you'd like to paste the copied text.
    device 2984/1544145.jpg
  12. Tap PASTE.
    device 2984/1544146.jpg
  13. To access the keyboard settings, touch and hold the Comma key until the Settings icon is displayed then release.
    device 2984/1544147.jpg

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