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Transfer media to & from computer

Transfer media to & from computer

Transfer files to or from your device and a computer.

  1. Power on the AT&T Trek HD tablet - hold the power button down for 10 seconds
    device 3016/1569487.jpg
  2. Plug the USB end of the USB cable into your tablet.
    device 3016/1569488.jpg
  3. Plug the USB end of the USB cable into your computer
    device 3016/1569489.jpg
  4. The drivers will automatically install and the device box will pop up. Click the device box.
    device 3016/1569490.jpg
  5. Click Import photos and videos.
    device 3016/1569491.jpg
  6. The computer will begin searching the tablet for any pictures or videos.
    device 3016/1569492.jpg
  7. After finding all the files, click Import.
    device 3016/1569493.jpg
  8. Name the folder you wish to save them as and continue.
    device 3016/1569494.jpg
  9. Once it’s done importing them it will open another box with all the images pulled from the device.
    device 3016/1569495.jpg
  10. You can then unplug your tablet from your computer.
    Note: You can also transfer music & documents from Step #4.
    device 3016/1569496.jpg
  11. If using a Mac, power on your computer.
    device 3016/1569497.jpg
  12. Power on the AT&T TREK HD Tablet.
    device 3016/1569498.jpg
  13. From your computer, launch the Safari Browser and go to www.google.com.
    device 3016/1569499.jpg
  14. Search “Android File Transfer” or just use this link: https://www.android.com/filetransfer/
    device 3016/1569500.jpg
  15. Then click Download Now.
    device 3016/1569501.jpg
  16. Open androidfiletransfer.dmg (The next time you connect your device, it should open automatically)
    device 3016/1569502.jpg
  17. Plug your AT&T TREK HD Tablet into your computer using the USB cable.
    Note: If you are asked to select a USB connection on your AT&T TREK HD device, choose Media device (MTP).
    device 3016/1569503.jpg
  18. Make sure your AT&T TREK HD device screen is unlocked.
    device 3016/1569504.jpg
  19. From the computer, drag Android File Transfer to Applications.
    device 3016/1569505.jpg
  20. Double click Android File Transfer.
    device 3016/1569506.jpg
  21. Browse the files and folders on your Android device and drag and drop any files desired including photos, music, and other documents saved on either the phone storage or microSD from the tablet storage to the computer storage.
    device 3016/1569507.jpg

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