Split View

Have two apps open and active at the same time.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access Split View
• View apps side by side
• Adjust window size
• Close a window


Access Split View

1. Open a desired app.

Note: For this demonstration, the Notes app Notes app was selected.

2. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Apps dock.

Image 1

3. Select and hold the second desired app and drag it off of the apps dock.

Image 2

4. When both apps are open, you can move the second app from side to side or up and down by selecting and dragging the top of the window to the desired location.

Image 3

View apps side by side

To view both apps side by side, select and drag the tab at the top of the desired window to the desired side of the screen.

Image 4

Adjust window size

Select and drag the Divider icon left or right as desired.

Image 5

Close a window

Select and drag the Divider icon over the desired window, to the left or right of the screen

Note: Alternately, if the second window is on top of the original window, select and drag the window off the top of the screen to exit split view.

Image 6

Access Split View via controls at top of screen

1. From the desired app, select the menu icon Menu icon at the top of the screen then select the desired Split View position.

Image 7

2. Select the desired second app.

Image 8

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