Gestures & navigation
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Gestures & navigation

Control your device by making specific movements with your hand.



  1. Tap an app on the screen to access it. Touch and hold for other options such as moving or deleting the app.
    device 3190/1664557.jpg
  2. Touch and drag left or right to swipe between screens.
    device 3190/1664558.jpg
  3. Scroll up or down to access further information on the current screen.
    device 3190/1664559.jpg
  4. To use Air gesture, move your hand up or down over the sensor to scroll the page up or down.
    Note: To activate Air gesture, swipe down from the Notifications bar on the home screen > tap the Settings icon > Under the MY DEVICE tab, tap Motions and gestures > tap Air gesture.
    device 3190/1664561.jpg
  5. Move you hand to the right or left over the sensor to browse webpages and images.
    device 3190/1664563.jpg
  6. When receiving a call, move your hand to the left and right over the sensor to answer the call.
    device 3190/1664565.jpg

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