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Send & receive messages

How to send, receive, and delete picture (MMS) and text (SMS) messages.



  1. From the home screen, tap the Messaging icon.
    Note: When a new message is available, the new message icon will be displayed in the notification bar.
    device 3187/1656133.jpg
  2. Unread messages are highlighted in blue. Tap the desired message to open.
    device 3187/1656134.jpg
  3. To reply to a message, tap the Text field.
    device 3187/1656135.jpg
  4. Enter the desired message, then tap the Send icon.
    device 3187/1656136.jpg
  5. To delete, touch and hold the desired message.
    device 3187/1656137.jpg
  6. Tap delete.
    Note: For this demonstration, 'picture' was selected.
    device 3187/1656138.jpg
  7. To view an attachment, tap the Desired thumbnail.
    device 3187/1656139.jpg
  8. To save the image, tap the Save icon.
    Note: To view the saved attachment, from the Start screen tap Photos > Albums > Photo.
    device 3187/1656140.jpg
  9. To send an MMS, tap the Paperclip icon, then follow the on screen prompts.
    device 3187/1656141.jpg

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