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Learn to browse the web and manage tabs and bookmarks.

  1. From the home screen, swipe left.
    device 3193/1654988.jpg
  2. Tap Mobile Web.
    device 3193/1654989.jpg
  3. To visit a specific site, tap the Web Address field.
    device 3193/1654990.jpg
  4. Use the Delete key to erase the current address, then type in the desired address.
    device 3193/1654991.jpg
  5. Tap Go To.
    device 3193/1654992.jpg
  6. To bookmark the web, tap the Menu icon.
    device 3193/1654993.jpg
  7. Tap Bookmarks.
    device 3193/1654994.jpg
  8. Tap This page.
    device 3193/1654995.jpg
  9. Tap the Title field, then enter the desired title.
    device 3193/1654996.jpg
  10. Tap Save.
    device 3193/1654997.jpg
  11. To view the saved bookmarks, tap the Star icon.
    device 3193/1654998.jpg
  12. Swipe right/left to view the desired bookmark.
    device 3193/1654999.jpg
  13. To add a tab, tap Window.
    device 3193/1655000.jpg
  14. Tap New Window.
    device 3193/1655001.jpg
  15. Enter the desired website.
    device 3193/1655002.jpg
  16. Tap Go To.
    device 3193/1655003.jpg
  17. To close a tab, tap the Tab icon.
    device 3193/1655004.jpg
  18. Tap the Close icon.
    device 3193/1655005.jpg
  19. Tap Yes.
    device 3193/1655006.jpg

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