Date & time
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Date & time

Set the date & time.

  1. From the home screen, tap the Menu icon.
    device 3193/1654914.jpg
  2. Tap the Settings icon.
    device 3193/1654915.jpg
  3. Tap Phone.
    device 3193/1654916.jpg
  4. Tap Date & Time.
    device 3193/1654917.jpg
  5. Tap Auto Update to toggle on or off.
    device 3193/1654918.jpg
  6. With Auto Update off, tap Set Date.
    device 3193/1654919.jpg
  7. Enter the desired date, then tap Set.
    device 3193/1654920.jpg
  8. Tap Set Time.
    device 3193/1654921.jpg
  9. Enter the desired time, then tap Set.
    device 3193/1654922.jpg
  10. To set an Alarm, from the home screen, tap the Status bar.
    device 3193/1656441.jpg
  11. Tap Alarm.
    device 3193/1656443.jpg
  12. Tap New Alarm.
    device 3193/1656444.jpg
  13. Tap the Time.
    device 3193/1656445.jpg
  14. Enter the desired time, then tap the Close Keyboard key.
    device 3193/1656447.jpg
  15. Tap the meridian to set AM/PM.
    device 3193/1656448.jpg
  16. Tap the Repeat field.
    device 3193/1656450.jpg
  17. Tap the desired option.
    device 3193/1656451.jpg
  18. If desired, tap specific days to repeat the alarm.
    device 3193/1656452.jpg
  19. Edit other options as desired, then tap Save.
    device 3193/1656453.jpg
  20. Tap the ON/OFF switch next to the desired alarm to activate it.
    device 3193/1656454.jpg
  21. To use the timer, tap Stopwatch.
    device 3193/1656455.jpg
  22. Tap New Time.
    device 3193/1656456.jpg
  23. Tap Start.
    device 3193/1656457.jpg
  24. Tap Lap to save a lap.
    device 3193/1656459.jpg
  25. Tap Stop to stop the timer.
    device 3193/1656460.jpg
  26. To resume the current timer session, tap Resume.
    device 3193/1656461.jpg
  27. To reset the timer, tap Reset.
    device 3193/1656495.jpg

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