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Learn how to access the calendar and manage events.

  1. From the home screen, tap the Menu icon.
    device 3193/1654206.jpg
  2. Tap the Folder icon.
    device 3193/1654207.jpg
  3. Tap Tools.
    device 3193/1654208.jpg
  4. Tap Calendar.
    device 3193/1654209.jpg
  5. Tap the Arrow icons to access the desired month.
    device 3193/1654210.jpg
  6. To change the Calendar view, tap the Menu icon.
    device 3193/1654211.jpg
  7. Tap Week View or Month View.
    device 3193/1654212.jpg
  8. To add an event, tap desired date.
    device 3193/1654213.jpg
  9. Tap New Schedule.
    device 3193/1654214.jpg
  10. Tap the Subject field, then enter the desired event name.
    device 3193/1654215.jpg
  11. Tap the Down arrow icon to hide the keypad.
    device 3193/1654216.jpg
  12. Tap the Start Time field, then enter the desired start time.
    device 3193/1654217.jpg
  13. Tap the am/pm field to make the desired change.
    device 3193/1654218.jpg
  14. Scroll to, then tap the End Time field.
    device 3193/1654219.jpg
  15. Enter the desired end time, then tap the Down arrow icon.
    device 3193/1654220.jpg
  16. Adjust any other desired options, then tap Save.
    device 3193/1654221.jpg
  17. To edit an event, tap the desired event.
    device 3193/1654222.jpg
  18. Tap Edit.
    device 3193/1654223.jpg
  19. Make the desired changes, then tap Save.
    device 3193/1654224.jpg
  20. To delete an event, tap the desired event.
    device 3193/1654225.jpg
  21. Tap the Trash icon.
    device 3193/1654226.jpg
  22. Tap Yes.
    device 3193/1654227.jpg

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