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Send & receive messages

How to send, receive, and delete picture (MMS) and text (SMS) messages.



  1. From the home screen, tap the Messaging icon.
    device 3194/1661114.jpg
  2. Tap the Compose icon.
    device 3194/1661115.jpg
  3. Enter the desired contact name or number.
    Note: To add/remove recipients from a group message, tap the Contacts icon at the top of the screen, then tap the teh desired recipient.
    device 3194/1661116.jpg
  4. Tap the Message field, then enter the desired message.
    device 3194/1661117.jpg
  5. To add an attachment, tap the Attachment icon, then follow the on-screen prompts.
    device 3194/1661118.jpg
  6. Tap Send.
    device 3194/1661119.jpg
  7. To view a received message from the inbox, tap the desired message.
    device 3194/1661120.jpg
  8. To view an attachment, tap the desired attachment.
    device 3194/1661121.jpg
  9. To save an attachment, touch and hold the desired attachment.
    device 3194/1661122.jpg
  10. Tap Save attachment.
    Note: By default you can view saved attachments by tapping the Apps icon > File manager.
    device 3194/1661123.jpg
  11. To reply to a message, tap the Enter message field.
    Note: To add/remove recipients from a group message, tap the Contacts icon > Tap the desired recipients.
    device 3194/1661124.jpg
  12. Tap Send.
    device 3194/1661125.jpg
  13. To forward a message, touch and hold the desired message.
    device 3194/1664744.jpg
  14. Tap Forward.
    device 3194/1664747.jpg
  15. To delete a single message, touch and hold the desired message.
    device 3194/1661126.jpg
  16. Tap Delete.
    device 3194/1661127.jpg
  17. To delete an entire message thread, touch and hold the desired conversation.
    device 3194/1661128.jpg
  18. Tap Delete.
    device 3194/1661129.jpg
  19. Tap Yes.
    device 3194/1661130.jpg
  20. When a new message is received, the New Message icon will display in the Notifications bar.
    device 3194/1661131.jpg

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