Backup & restore with computer

Backup & restore with computer

Learn how to backup and restore contacts & data on the device with a computer.

  1. LG PC Sync allows you to sync your device to a PC via the included microUSB cable.
    Note: For more information, please see the LG website.
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  2. From the home screen, press and hold the Recent Apps key.
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  3. Tap All settings.
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  4. Under the General tab, scroll to, then tap Backup & reset.
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  5. Tap LG Backup service.
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  6. Tap Backup and restore.
    Note: To backup between devices via hotspot, tap Copy & receive data.
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  7. Tap Backup.
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  8. Select the desired backup location, then tap Next.
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  9. Tap the desired items for backup.
    device 3194/1660593.jpg
  10. Tap Next.
    device 3194/1660594.jpg
  11. Tap Start.
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  12. Once the backup is complete, tap Done.
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  13. Insert the microUSB end of the microUSB cable into the port on the device.
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  14. Insert the USB end of the microUSB cable into an available USB port on a PC.
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  15. On the PC, navigate to the LG Backup folder.
    Note: Start icon > Computer > Device > Internal memory > LG Backup folder
    device 3194/1660599.jpg
  16. Drag the backup to the computer.
    device 3194/1660600.jpg
  17. To restore, drag the desired backup file from your PC into the LGBackup folder on your phone.
    device 3194/1660601.jpg
  18. Follow steps 1-4, then tap File restore & management.
    device 3194/1660602.jpg
  19. Tap the desired backup.
    device 3194/1660603.jpg
  20. Tap Next.
    device 3194/1660604.jpg
  21. Tap Start.
    device 3194/1660605.jpg
  22. Tap Done.
    device 3194/1660606.jpg
  23. After the device restarts, it will be ready for use.
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