Mobile Wallet

Learn how to use your device like a credit or debit card to make payments at retail and online locations.

  1. Download and install the Google Wallet app through the Play Store.
    Note: From the home screen, tap Play Store > Tap the Search field > Enter 'Google Wallet' in the Search field > Tap the Search icon > Tap Google Wallet > Tap INSTALL > Tap ACCEPT
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  2. Once installed, launch Wallet.
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  3. Tap the Next icon, then proceed through any further introductory prompts.
    Note: Alternatively, tap 'SKIP'.
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  4. Enter the desired 4-digit PIN.
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  5. Re-enter the chosen PIN.
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  6. To add/manage credit cards and other payment methods, tap the Wallet tab.
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  7. Tap Cards & accounts.
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  8. Tap the Add icon to add a credit or debit card as a payment method. Tap Link bank account to link your Wallet directly to your bank account.
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  9. To add/manage loyalty and gift cards, tap Loyalty, gift cards & offers.
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  10. Tap the Add icon, then follow on-screen prompts to add the desired card type.
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  11. To access settings and set up Tap and Pay service, tap Settings.
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  12. Tap Tap and Pay to enable payments via NFC.
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  13. If you lose your device, visit the Google Payments help center to suspend your Wallet.
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