Airplane mode

Learn how to turn Airplane mode on and off.

  1. To turn on Airplane mode, press and hold the Power key.
    Note: Airplane mode will disable all wireless services on the device. Calls, data, and text messages cannot be sent or received. Disable Airplane mode to restore regular device function.
    device 3194/1660976.jpg
  2. Tap Turn on Airplane mode.
    device 3194/1660977.jpg
  3. Tap OK.
    device 3194/1660978.jpg
  4. An icon will be displayed while in Airplane mode.
    device 3194/1660979.jpg
  5. To turn off Airplane mode, press and hold the Power key.
    device 3194/1660980.jpg
  6. Tap Turn off Airplane mode.
    device 3194/1660981.jpg
  7. To quickly turn Airplane mode off, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Notifications menu, then tap Airplane Mode.
    device 3194/1660982.jpg

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