Browser options

Access browser settings to delete browser history, set the home page, and more.

  1. From the home screen, tap Internet.
    device 3202/1657473.jpg
  2. Swipe down to reveal the URL address bar.
    device 3202/1657474.jpg
  3. To access browser settings, tap the Menu icon.
    device 3202/1657475.jpg
  4. Tap Settings.
    device 3202/1657476.jpg
  5. To delete browser history and other data, tap Privacy.
    device 3202/1657477.jpg
  6. Tap Delete personal data.
    device 3202/1657478.jpg
  7. Tap the desired options, then tap DELETE.
    device 3202/1657479.jpg
  8. To change the default homepage, tap Set homepage.
    device 3202/1657480.jpg
  9. Select the desired option, then tap Done.
    device 3202/1657481.jpg
  10. To adjust text size and other screen options, tap Advanced.
    device 3202/1657482.jpg
  11. Tap Legibility.
    device 3202/1657483.jpg
  12. Touch, then drag the Text scaling slider to adjust text scaling amount.
    device 3202/1657484.jpg
  13. To restore default browser settings, tap Content settings.
    device 3202/1657485.jpg
  14. Scroll to, then tap Reset settings.
    device 3202/1657486.jpg
  15. Tap RESET.
    device 3202/1657487.jpg

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