Reset pattern lock
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Reset pattern lock

Reset a forgotten pattern lock.

  1. After 5 unsuccessful attempts to unlock your device, the lock screen will be locked for 30 seconds.
    device 3202/1657354.jpg
  2. While locked out, tap UNLOCK VIA GOOGLE.
    Note: The device must have already been associated with a Google account for the UNLOCK VIA GOOGLE option to display.If your Google account was not added, you must do an alternate factory reset of the device. Search tutorials for 'reset' for Reset Device instructions.
    device 3202/1657355.jpg
  3. Enter the Google account username used to set up the device, then tap the Password field.
    device 3202/1657356.jpg
  4. Enter the required password, then tap SIGN IN.
    device 3202/1657357.jpg
  5. Tap the desired option to reset your screen lock.
    device 3202/1657358.jpg
  6. To unlock using the backup PIN, tap BACKUP PIN.
    device 3202/1657359.jpg
  7. Enter the backup PIN, then tap OK.
    device 3202/1657360.jpg

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