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Send & receive messages

How to send, receive, and delete picture (MMS) and text (SMS) messages.



  1. From the home screen, tap Messages.
    Note: When in 'Easy mode', the buttons and text input area will be larger.
    device 3202/1657190.jpg
  2. Tap the Compose icon to compose a message.
    device 3202/1657191.jpg
  3. Tap the Recipient field to enter the desired number, or contact name. You may add multiple contacts to create a group message.
    device 3202/1657192.jpg
  4. Tap the Message field to enter a message.
    device 3202/1657193.jpg
  5. To attach an image, sound, or video to the message, tap the Attach icon and follow the prompts to select the desired file.
    device 3202/1657194.jpg
  6. Tap the Send icon to deliver the message.
    device 3202/1657195.jpg
  7. To view received messages, tap Messages.
    device 3202/1657196.jpg
  8. Your received messages will be displayed.
    device 3202/1657197.jpg
  9. To view an attachment, tap the attachment. To forward an attachment or message, touch and hold, then tap Forward. To delete, tap Delete.
    device 3202/1657199.jpg
  10. To save the attachment, tap the Save icon.
    device 3202/1657200.jpg
  11. When a new text message is received, the Text Message icon will be displayed in the notifications bar.
    device 3202/1657198.jpg

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