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S Health

Use S Health to help manage your health by tracking statistics and your exercise program.

  1. Samsung S Health turns your device into a personal-health-management powerhouse. You can track health statistics, like blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and weight. You can view and track environmental conditions, and even track your exercise regimen.
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  2. From the home screen, tap Apps.
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  3. Swipe to, then tap S Health.
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  4. Tap NEXT.
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  5. Tap the I agree checkboxes.
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  6. Tap NEXT.
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  7. Adjust backup settings as desired, then tap NEXT.
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  8. Enter your name.
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  9. Tap the desired gender.
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  10. Tap the Arrows to adjust the month, day and year.
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  11. Tap NEXT.
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  12. Enter the desired height and weight, then tap NEXT.
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  13. Select the desired activity level, then tap NEXT.
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  14. Tap START.
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  15. Tap Pedometer to access the pedometer.
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  16. Tap Exercise to access exercise information.
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  17. Tap Heart Rate to access heart rate information.
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  18. The Food icon will display the intake of calories.
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  19. Tap Weight to record and keep track of your weight.
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  20. Tap Sleep to record and keep track of your amount of sleep.
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  21. Tap Stress to measure your stress level based on heart rate.
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  22. Tap More apps to access more fitness apps.
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