Gestures & navigation
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Gestures & navigation

Control your device by making specific movements with your hand.

  1. To select and open an app, tap the desired app icon. Press and hold to move, delete or view more options.
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  2. Swipe left or right to navigate to a different screen.
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  3. Scroll up or down to view more content on a screen.
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  4. Call the contact whose call log, message, or contacts details are currently on the screen by bringing the device close to your ear.
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  5. Place your palm on the screen or turn the device over to mute incoming calls and alarms, or pause media.
    device 3202/1659573.jpg
  6. Smart pause uses the front camera to detect if you are facing the screen and pauses video when you look away.
    device 3202/1659574.jpg
  7. Capture the screen by swiping the edge of your hand across it, from side to side, keeping in contact with the screen.
    device 3202/1659575.jpg
  8. Preview info, view more text, or magnify images by hovering your finger over items on the screen while Air view is toggled on.
    Note: To toggle on Air view, Home screen > Settings > Air view > Air view switch.
    device 3202/1659576.jpg

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