Add, view, delete, and customize contacts by adding a picture or ringtone.



  1. From the home screen, tap Contacts.
    Note: When in 'Easy mode', no 'Groups' tab will display and you can't send business cards, merge accounts, or link contacts.
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  2. To add a contact, tap the Add icon.
    device 3202/1657064.jpg
  3. Tap the Location field to choose the Save To location.
    device 3202/1657065.jpg
  4. Tap the desired option.
    device 3202/1657066.jpg
  5. Tap the Name field to enter your name.
    device 3202/1657067.jpg
  6. Tap the Phone number field to enter the contacts phone number.
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  7. To add an image to the desired contact, tap the Add image icon and follow the prompts to select the desired image.
    device 3202/1657069.jpg
  8. To set a custom ringtone, tap Ringtone.
    device 3202/1657070.jpg
  9. Select the desired ringtone, and then tap OK.
    device 3202/1657071.jpg
  10. Tap to edit further options, then tap SAVE.
    device 3202/1657072.jpg
  11. To edit a contact, from the desired contact, tap the Edit icon.
    device 3202/1657073.jpg
  12. Edit the contact information as desired.
    device 3202/1657074.jpg
  13. Tap SAVE.
    device 3202/1657075.jpg
  14. To delete a contact, from the desired contact, tap the Menu icon.
    device 3202/1657076.jpg
  15. Tap Delete.
    device 3202/1657077.jpg
  16. Tap DELETE.
    device 3202/1657078.jpg
  17. To backup contacts to the SIM card, tap the Menu icon > Settings > Contacts > Import/Export contacts > Export to SIM card > Select the desired contacts > Done > OK.
    Note: To backup to Google, from the contacts settings screen, tap Accounts > Google > Select desired account > Contacts.
    device 3202/1659609.jpg

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