Make & receive a call
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Make & receive a call

Place, receive, & reject a call.

  1. From the home screen, tap Phone.
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  2. Dial the desired number using the Keypad.
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  3. Tap the Call icon to complete the call.
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  4. To call a stored contact, from the home screen, tap Contacts.
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  5. Tap the desired contact.
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  6. Tap the Call icon to call the selected contact.
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  7. When receiving a call, swipe the Answer icon to the right to answer. When answering a call waiting, the current call will be put on hold.
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  8. While receiving a call, swipe the Reject icon to the left to reject the incoming call.
    Note: When in 'Easy mode', you can't reject a call with a message, or see caller ID information.
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  9. To reject a call with a message, Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the rejection messages.
    Note: To create or edit text message replies from the home screen tap > Phone > Menu icon > Settings > Call > Call rejection > Rejection messages
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  10. Tap the desired rejection message.
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  11. While on a call, the In Call icon will be displayed in the notifications bar.
    Note: Visit the AT&T International Calling website for help making calls to or roaming in another country.
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