Sounds & alerts

Sounds & alerts

Change volume settings, ringtones, and notification alerts.

  1. Press the Volume keys located on the side of the device to adjust the volume.
    device 3195/1685967.jpg
  2. Reduce the volume until the Vibrate icon appears to enable Vibrate mode.
    device 3195/1685968.jpg
  3. When Vibrate mode is active, the Vibrate icon will display in the notification bar.
    device 3195/1685969.jpg
  4. Reduce the volume until the Silent icon appears to enable Silent mode.
    device 3195/1685970.jpg
  5. When Silent mode is enabled, the Silent icon will display in the notification bar.
    device 3195/1685971.jpg
  6. Tap the Settings icon to access additional volume settings.
    device 3195/1685973.jpg
  7. Adjust settings as desired.
    device 3195/1685974.jpg
  8. To change ringtones and alert notifications, swipe down from the Notification bar.
    device 3195/1685975.jpg
  9. Tap the Settings icon.
    device 3195/1685976.jpg
  10. Tap the My device tab, then tap Sound.
    device 3195/1685977.jpg
  11. To change the ringtone, tap Ringtones.
    Note: For steps to assign a ringtone to a contact, search tutorials for 'Contacts'.
    device 3195/1685978.jpg
  12. Select the desired ringtone, then tap OK to set.
    device 3195/1685980.jpg
  13. To use a song as a ringtone, tap Add.
    device 3195/1685981.jpg
  14. Select the desired song, then tap Done.
    device 3195/1685982.jpg
  15. To change the notification sound, tap Notifications.
    device 3195/1685983.jpg
  16. Select the desired sound, then tap OK.
    device 3195/1685984.jpg

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