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In-call options

In-call options

Learn what features are available while on an active call.



  1. While on an active call, press the Volume keys to adjust the call volume.
    Note: When in 'Easy' mode, you can't mute a call, place a call on hold, create a conference call, or access advanced settings.
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  2. Tap Headset to connect to a Bluetooth headset.
    device 3195/1683902.jpg
  3. Tap Mute to mute/unmute the microphone.
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  4. When the microphone is muted, the Mute icon will display in the Notification bar.
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  5. Tap Speaker to enable/disable speakerphone.
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  6. When speakerphone is active, the Speaker icon will display in the Notification bar.
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  7. Tap Add call to make another call.
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  8. Tap Keypad to display/hide the keypad.
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  9. Tap Hold to place the call on hold.
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  10. When a call is on hold, the Hold icon will display in the Notification bar.
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  11. Tap Unhold to resume the call.
    device 3195/1683912.jpg
  12. Tap the Noise reduction icon to toggle noise reduction on/off.
    device 3195/1683913.jpg
  13. Tap the Extra volume icon to toggle extra volume on/off.
    device 3195/1683914.jpg
  14. Tap the Call sound icon to personalize call sounds.
    device 3195/1683924.jpg
  15. To access additional options, press the Menu key.
    device 3195/1683928.jpg
  16. Press the Home key to return to the home screen while staying connected to the current call.
    device 3195/1683933.jpg
  17. To return to the call, swipe down from the Notification bar.
    device 3195/1683934.jpg
  18. Tap the Call icon.
    device 3195/1683935.jpg
  19. To hang up, tap End call.
    device 3195/1683936.jpg

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