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Enhanced Push to Talk

Enhanced Push to Talk

Learn how to use Enhanced Push to Talk (EPTT) to make and receive calls.

  1. From the home screen, press the EPTT key.
    device 3196/1666105.jpg
  2. Press the Left Soft key to confirm.
    device 3196/1666106.jpg
  3. To place an EPTT call, scroll to the desired contact and press the Center Nav key.
    device 3196/1666107.jpg
  4. Press and hold the EPTT key while speaking.
    Note: When done speaking, release the EPTT key to allow the other person to speak.
    device 3196/1666108.jpg
  5. When an EPTT call is received, an audible tone is played to notify you of an incoming PTT call.
    Note: The incoming EPTT call is connected automatically. If you do not respond to your incoming PTT call, you will receive a missed PTT call notification.
    device 3196/1666109.jpg
  6. To end an EPTT call, tap the End key.
    Note: After 20 seconds of inactivity, calls are automatically disconnected.
    device 3196/1666110.jpg

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