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Speed dial

Learn how to use speed dial and manage speed dial contacts.

  1. From the Home Screen, press the Right Soft key.
    device 3196/1666136.jpg
  2. Scroll to the Favorites icon.
    device 3196/1666137.jpg
  3. Scroll to an unassigned number, then press the Left Nav key.
    device 3196/1666138.jpg
  4. Press the Left Soft key.
    device 3196/1666139.jpg
  5. Scroll to the desired contact, then press the Center Nav key.
    device 3196/1666140.jpg
  6. To remove a contact from speed dial, scroll to the desired contact then press the Left Soft key.
    device 3196/1666141.jpg
  7. Scroll to Remove, then press the Left Soft key.
    device 3196/1666142.jpg
  8. Press the Left Soft key.
    device 3196/1666143.jpg
  9. To call a speed dial contact, from the Home Screen press and hold the desired number on the keypad.
    device 3196/1666144.jpg

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