Transfer media to & from computer
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Transfer media to & from computer

Transfer files to or from your device and a computer.

  1. With the phone powered on, insert the microUSB end of the microUSB cable into the microUSB port located on the side of the device.
    device 3206/1664717.jpg
  2. Insert the USB end of the microUSB cable into an open USB port on the computer.
    device 3206/1664718.jpg
  3. On your phone, swipe down from the Notification bar.
    device 3206/1664719.jpg
  4. Tap the USB notification.
    device 3206/1664720.jpg
  5. Tap Media device (MTP).
    device 3206/1664721.jpg
  6. On the computer, navigate to the Start menu.
    device 3206/1664722.jpg
  7. Click Computer.
    device 3206/1664723.jpg
  8. Double click the newly connected device drive.
    device 3206/1664724.jpg
  9. Navigate to the desired file location.
    device 3206/1664725.jpg
  10. Drag files to/from the device to transfer.
    device 3206/1664726.jpg

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