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Add, view, delete, and customize contacts by adding a picture or ringtone.

  1. To add a contact, tap People from the home screen.
    Note: The 'Transfer my data' app (which can be downloaded from the Windows Store) can be used to quickly transfer contacts from one device to another. For more information, click here.
    device 3203/1665232.jpg
  2. Tap the Add Contact icon.
    device 3203/1665233.jpg
  3. Tap the desired account to save the contact to.
    Note: For this demonstration, 'Outlook' was selected.
    device 3203/1665234.jpg
  4. To add a contact photo, tap add photo.
    device 3203/1665235.jpg
  5. Swipe to albums.
    device 3203/1665236.jpg
  6. Scroll to, then tap the desired album.
    device 3203/1665237.jpg
  7. Tap the desired image.
    device 3203/1665238.jpg
  8. Touch and drag the image to change its positioning. To zoom in or out, use two fingers in a reverse pinching or pinching motion, respectively.
    device 3203/1665239.jpg
  9. Tap the Save icon.
    device 3203/1665240.jpg
  10. Tap the Name field.
    device 3203/1665241.jpg
  11. Enter the desired name.
    device 3203/1665242.jpg
  12. Tap the Return icon.
    device 3203/1665243.jpg
  13. Enter the contact phone number.
    device 3203/1665244.jpg
  14. Tap an empty space to stop editing the field.
    device 3203/1665245.jpg
  15. To add a ringtone for the contact, scroll to and then tap ringtone.
    device 3203/1665246.jpg
  16. Scroll to, then tap the desired ringtone. Tap the Play icon to sample a ringtone.
    device 3203/1665247.jpg
  17. Tap the Save icon.
    device 3203/1665248.jpg
  18. To edit a contact, scroll to and then tap the desired contact in people.
    device 3203/1665249.jpg
  19. Tap the Edit icon.
    device 3203/1665250.jpg
  20. Edit the details as desired, then tap the Save icon.
    device 3203/1665251.jpg
  21. To delete a contact, navigate to the desired contact and then tap the Menu icon.
    device 3203/1665252.jpg
  22. Tap delete.
    device 3203/1665253.jpg
  23. Tap delete.
    device 3203/1665254.jpg
  24. To back up your contacts, from the home screen swipe down from the notification bar > ALL SETTINGS > email + accounts > Google > Scroll to, then make sure the Contacts checkbox is checked.
    Note: For information backing up contacts using AT&T Address Book, please see the 'AT&T Address Book' tutorial.
    device 3203/1689364.jpg

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