Remove an app

Remove an app

Remove an icon from your home screen and delete apps from your device.

  1. To remove a tile from the home screen, touch and hold the desired tile.
    device 3203/1664778.jpg
  2. Tap the Unpin icon.
    device 3203/1664779.jpg
  3. Tap an empty space on the screen to finish editing the home screen.
    device 3203/1664780.jpg
  4. To uninstall an app, swipe to the Apps list.
    device 3203/1664781.jpg
  5. Scroll to, then touch and hold the desired app.
    device 3203/1664782.jpg
  6. Tap uninstall.
    Note: Some pre-installed applications cannot be uninstalled from the device, but can be Disabled.
    device 3203/1664783.jpg
  7. Tap yes.
    Note: Downloaded applications can be re-installed through the Windows Phone Store.
    device 3203/1664784.jpg

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