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This article describes the Blinkfeed feature.

  1. From the home screen, swipe to the right.
    device 3217/1681910.jpg
  2. BlinkFeed aggregates news, social media, and other services on your device into one easy to view feed. Scroll to view additional content on your BlinkFeed.
    device 3217/1681911.jpg
  3. Swipe to the right to customize content on your BlinkFeed.
    device 3217/1681912.jpg
  4. Tap the More icon to add additional content.
    device 3217/1681913.jpg
  5. Tap Add content.
    device 3217/1681914.jpg
  6. Tap the desired option.
    Note: For this tutorial, tap the Search icon.
    device 3217/1681915.jpg
  7. Enter the desired category or keyword, then tap the Return icon.
    device 3217/1681916.jpg
  8. Tap the Subscribe icon to add the content to your BlinkFeed.
    Note: The content will be added to your BlinkFeed.
    device 3217/1681917.jpg

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