Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet

Use your device like a credit or debit card to make payments at retail and online locations.

  1. From the home screen, tap the Google apps icon.
    Note: Separate subscription may be required. Data rates apply. NFC must be enabled to make payments.
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  2. Scroll to and tap the Wallet icon.
    device 5012/9006197_02.jpg
  3. Enter your Wallet PIN.
    Note: If you don’t have a Wallet PIN, you will be asked to create one.
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  4. To edit, remove, or add credit cards, from the Google Wallet home page, tap the Menu icon.
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  5. Tap Cards & accounts.
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  6. To add a new credit card, tap the Plus icon, follow prompts to setup.
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  7. To add a new loyalty card, from the menu, tap Loyalty, gift cards & offers.
    device 5012/9006197_07.jpg
  8. Tap Add loyalty cards and follow prompts for how to setup.
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  9. To access settings for credit and loyalty cards, from the menu, tap Settings.
    device 5012/9006197_09.jpg
  10. Adjust the Desired settings.
    device 5012/9006197_10.jpg
  11. To send money, tap SEND MONEY.
    device 5012/9006197_11.jpg
  12. Enter Recipient’s name or Email address and tap Next
    device 5012/9006197_12.jpg
  13. Enter the Desired amount and tap Next to send.
    device 5012/9006197_13.jpg
  14. To suspend your wallet if you lose your mobile device, tap the Menu icon
    device 5012/9006197_14.jpg
  15. Tap Lock Wallet.
    Note: You can also remotely disable the Google Wallet app and card online at
    device 5012/9006197_15.jpg

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