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HTC Sense Home

HTC Sense Home

HTC Sense Home automatically adjusts your device experience when you're at home, work, or outdoors

  1. The HTC Sense Home widget allows your home screen to adapt to your life. At home, at work, and on the go. Apps automatically get added to the HTC Sense Home widget depending on where you used them.
    device 5012/9007043_01.jpg
  2. To setup the HTC Sense Home Widget, swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers, tap the Settings icon.
    device 5012/9007043_02.jpg
  3. Tap Location.
    device 5012/9007043_03.jpg
  4. Tap HTC Location Services.
    device 5012/9007043_04.jpg
  5. Tap Home and/or Work to enter your home and work Address location.
    device 5012/9007043_05.jpg
  6. To switch locations, from the HTC Sense Home widget, tap the HTC Sense icon.
    device 5012/9007043_06.jpg
    device 5012/9007043_07.jpg
  8. Select Desired location option.
    Note: For this example ‘Work’ was selected.
    device 5012/9007043_08.jpg
  9. To pin and unpin apps, touch and hold the Desired app.
    device 5012/9007043_09.jpg
  10. To remove an app from the HTC Sense Home, touch and hold the Desired app, then drag to the Remove icon.
    device 5012/9007043_10.jpg
  11. To add an app to the HTC Sense Home, touch and hold the Desired app, then drag the app into the HTC Sense Home Widget.
    device 5012/9007043_11.jpg
  12. To turn smart folders on and off, tap the Dropdown icon.
    device 5012/9007043_12.jpg
  13. Tap the More icon.
    device 5012/9007043_13.jpg
  14. Tap Show/hide smart folders.
    device 5012/9007043_14.jpg
  15. Select Desired options, tap OK.
    device 5012/9007043_15.jpg

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