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Play music
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Play music

Play music, turn the music player off.

  1. To open the Music Player, from the home screen, tap Apps.
    device 5023/9006162_01.jpg
  2. Swipe to, then tap the Music Player icon.
    Note: To add music to your device, you can purchase from Google Play or transfer music files from your computer to the device Music folder.
    device 5023/9006162_02.jpg
  3. Swipe to your desired Playlist, Artist, Albums, Songs, Genres, and Composers, then tap the Desired option.
    device 5023/9006162_03.jpg
  4. Tap the Pause icon to pause song playback.
    device 5023/9006162_04.jpg
  5. Tap the Forward/Backward icons to skip back and forth on the playlist.
    Note: Touch and hold the icons to rewind or fast forward the currently playing song.
    device 5023/9006162_05.jpg
  6. Tap Shuffle all to toggle shuffle playback options on/off.
    device 5023/9006162_06.jpg
  7. Tap the Menu icon to view additional options.
    device 5023/9006162_07.jpg
  8. When music is playing the Music icon will be displayed in the Notification Bar.
    device 5023/9006162_08.jpg
  9. To turn off the music player, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap X icon.
    device 5023/9006162_09.jpg

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