Browse the web

Browse the web

Browse the web, manage browser tabs, and bookmarks.



  1. To access the browser, from the home screen tap the Internet icon.
    device 5034/9006113_01.jpg
  2. Tap the Web address field, and enter the Desired website. Then tap Go.
    device 5034/9006113_02.jpg
  3. To add a Bookmark, tap the Bookmarks icon.
    device 5034/9006113_03.jpg
  4. Tap ADD.
    device 5034/9006113_04.jpg
  5. Make Desired changes to the bookmark and tap Save.
    device 5034/9006113_05.jpg
  6. To navigate to a bookmark, from the bookmarks menu, tap the Desired bookmark from the list.
    device 5034/9006113_06.jpg
  7. To view your browser tabs, tap the Tabs icon.
    Note: The number on the Tabs icon indicates the number of tabs currently open.
    device 5034/9006113_07.jpg
  8. Scroll to and tap the Desired tab.
    device 5034/9006113_08.jpg
  9. To open a new tab, tap NEW TAB.
    device 5034/9006113_09.jpg
  10. To close a tab, tap the X icon.
    device 5034/9006113_10.jpg

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