Device layout
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Device layout

Hardware features and software navigation of your device.

  1. Press the Volume buttons to adjust media or call volume.
    device 5034/9006101_01.jpg
  2. Press and hold the Power/Lock button to turn the device on or off. Press the Power/Lock button to put the display to sleep or wake up.
    device 5034/9006101_02.jpg
  3. The device uses a nanoSIM card. The nanoSIM card slot is located in the back of the device. 
    device 5034/9006101_03.jpg
  4. The microSD card slot is located unter the back cover of the device on top of the SIM card slot. A microSD card of up to 64 GB can be used.
    device 5034/9006101_04.jpg
  5. Tap the Back key to return to the previous screen. Tap and hold within an application to view menu settings.
    device 5034/9006101_05.jpg
  6. Press the Home button to return to the home screen. Press and hold to launch Google Now. Double press to open the camera.
    device 5034/9006101_06.jpg
  7. Tap the Recent apps key to view a list of recently opened apps. Press and hold to open split screen view.
    device 5034/9006101_07.jpg
  8. The USB/Charging port is located on the bottom of the device.
    device 5034/9006101_08.jpg
  9. The Headphone jack is located on the top of the device.
    device 5034/9006101_09.jpg
  10. The Microphone is located on the bottom of the device.
    device 5034/9006101_10.jpg
  11. The Speaker is located on the back of the device.
    device 5034/9006101_11.jpg
  12. The Rear camera is located on the back of the device.
    device 5034/9006101_12.jpg
  13. The Front camera is located on the front of the device.
    device 5034/9006101_13.jpg
  14. To learn more about your device layout, from a computer, download the user manual at
    device 5034/9006101_14.jpg

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