S Health

S Health

Use S Health to help manage your health by tracking statistics and your exercise program.

  1. Samsung S Health turns your device into a personal-health-management powerhouse. You can track health statistics, like blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and weight. You can view and track environmental conditions, and even track your exercise regimen. To access, tap the Apps icon.
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  2. Swipe to and tap the S Health icon.
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  3. Tap the Checkboxes to agree to the Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy and tap NEXT.
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  4. Tap S Health to set up your profile.
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  5. To edit your profile, tap EDIT.
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  6. Input your Gender, Birthday, Height Weight and Activity level.
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  7. To add a profile image, tap the Camera icon, then follow the on-screen prompts, then tap SAVE. To continue without a profile image, just tap SAVE.
    device 5034/9006198_07.jpg
  8. For all S Health apps, the TRACKERS tab allows you to record new measurements.
    Note: To view Trackers tab, scroll to Manage items Trackers
    device 5034/9006198_08.jpg

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