Gestures & navigation

Gestures & navigation

Control your device by making specific movements with your hand.

  1. Swipe left and right to access additional Home screens.
    device 5034/9006501_01.jpg
  2. Swipe down from the top of the screen to view notifications and quick settings.
    device 5034/9006501_02.jpg
  3. Swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers to view advanced quick settings. Tap the Edit icon to edit quick settings.
    device 5034/9006501_03.jpg
  4. Tap the Apps icon to open Apps.
    device 5034/9006501_04.jpg
  5. To open a specific app, tap the Desired app icon.
    device 5034/9006501_05.jpg
  6. To add an app to the home screen, tap & hold on the desired App icon then drag the app to desired location on the home screen.
    device 5034/9006501_06.jpg
  7. To move an app or widget, touch and hold Desired app, drag to desired location and release.
    device 5034/9006501_07.jpg
  8. While viewing photos & web pages or taking a picture, use two fingers to pinch the screen to zoom in or out.
    device 5034/9006501_08.jpg
  9. To access additonal motions & gestures tap Settings > Motions and gestures.
    device 5034/9006501_09.jpg
  10. Direct call: When turned on, direct call allows you to call the contact whose call log, message, or contact details are currently on the screen by bringing the device close to your ear.
    device 5034/9006501_10.jpg
  11. Smart alert: When turned on, smart alert will have your device vibrate when you pick it up to notify you about missed calls and messages.
    device 5034/9006501_11.jpg
  12. Mute/pause: When turned on, by placing your palm on the screen or turning device over you can mute incoming calls and alarms, or pause media.
    device 5034/9006501_12.jpg
  13. Palm swipe to capture: Capture the screen by swiping the edge of your hand across it, from sided to side, keeping in contact with the screen.
    device 5034/9006501_13.jpg

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