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Messaging settings

Change text (SMS), picture (MMS), Advanced Messaging, wireless emergency (WEA), and AMBER alert settings.

  1. To access message settings, from the home screen, tap Messages.
    device 5037/9006150_01.jpg
  2. Tap the More icon.
    device 5037/9006150_02.jpg
  3. Tap Settings.
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  4. To edit notification settings, scroll to and tap Notifications.
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  5. Tap Notifications to toggle notification alerts on/off. Edit additional settings as desired.
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  6. To access emergency alert settings, tap Emergency alerts.
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  7. To adjust the kind of emergency alerts received, tap Emergency alerts.
    device 5037/9006150_07.jpg
  8. Adjust the emergency alerts as desired.
    device 5037/9006150_08.jpg
  9. To view the Message Center number, tap Text messages.
    device 5037/9006150_09.jpg
  10. The Message center number will be displayed.
    device 5037/9006150_10.jpg
  11. To change Advanced Messaging settings, from the 'Message Settings' screen, tap Advanced Messaging.
    Note: If Advanced Messaging is turned on and you are messaging another device using Advanced Messaging you can share files up to 10MB, get read receipts, and see when someone is replying. To learn more visit Advanced Messaging.
    device 5037/9006150_11.jpg
  12. To turn advanced messaging on or off, tap the Advanced Messaging checkbox. To set either to send or not send read receipt, tap the Send read receipt checkbox.
    device 5037/9006150_12.jpg
  13. To restore default settings tap the More icon > Restore default setings.
    device 5037/9006150_13.jpg

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