Insert SIM & memory card
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Insert SIM & memory card

Install and remove the SIM and memory card (MicroSD).

  1. To insert the SIM card, open SIM card hole at the top of the device.
    device 5048/9006419_01.jpg
  2. Insert the Micro SIM card into the SIM card hole.  Press the SIM card down until it clicks into place.  Make sure the gold contacts face the back of the device.
    device 5048/9006419_02.jpg
  3. If you are insert the SIM card with the device powered on you will be prompted to restart the device to access the mobile network. Tap RESTART.
    device 5048/9006419_03.jpg
  4. To insert the microSD card, open the microSD card hole at the top of the device next to the SIM card hole.
    device 5048/9006419_04.jpg
  5. Insert the microSD card (Sold separately) into the hole with the gold contacts facing the back of the device.  Push until the microSD card firmly into place.
    device 5048/9006419_05.jpg
  6. If the device is powered on without a SIM card, the Missing SIM icon will display in the notification bar.
    device 5048/9006419_06.jpg

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