Backup and restore with computer
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Backup and restore with computer

Backup and restore your device with a computer.

  1. To transfer media to and from a PC, with the device powered on, insert the microUSB end of the microUSB cable into the port on the bottom of the device.
    device 5048/9006125_01.jpg
  2. Insert the USB end of the microUSB cable into an open port on the computer.
    device 5048/9006125_02.jpg
  3. To place the device into the correct USB mode, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Connected as a media device.
    device 5048/9006125_03.jpg
  4. Then tap Media device (MTP).
    device 5048/9006125_04.jpg
  5. Click the Windows start icon.
    device 5048/9006125_05.jpg
  6. Click Computer.
    device 5048/9006125_06.jpg
  7. Open the newly connected Device drive.
    device 5048/9006125_07.jpg
  8. Open the Desired storage location.
    device 5048/9006125_08.jpg
  9. Navigate to the Desired folder.
    device 5048/9006125_09.jpg
  10. Drag and drop files to/from the Device drive to transfer.
    device 5048/9006125_10.jpg
  11. To transfer media to and from a MAC computer, you need the Android File Transfer App to facilitate the communication between the camera and computer. Download and install the Android File Transfer app.
    device 5048/9006125_11.jpg
  12. Once the phone is connected to the computer, the Android File Transfer App will open automatically.
    device 5048/9006125_12.jpg
  13. Drag and drop the Desired files to/from the device to transfer.
    device 5048/9006125_13.jpg

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