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Get directions and navigation using the Maps app.

  1. To access maps on the device, tap Maps.
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  3. To turn on Location services/GPS, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the quick settings menu and tap Location to toggle on/off.
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  4. To get directions, tap the Search bar.
    Note: Tap the Microphone icon to speak your destination.
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  5. Enter the Desired address or destination, then tap the Search icon.
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  6. Tap the White circle icon.
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  7. Choose a mode of transportation, Car, Public transportation, Walking, or Bike.
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  8. Tap Desired route.
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  9. Follow directions on screen to arrive at destination. To see the list of directions, swipe up on the White bar in the bottom of the screen.
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  10. Full list of directions will appear.
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  11. To stop navigating, tap the X icon.
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