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My Files

Use My Files to open and manage downloaded and device created files

  1. To access your files, from the home screen, tap the Apps icon.
    device 5048/9007042_00.jpg
  2. Scroll to and tap My Files.
    device 5048/9007042_01.jpg
  3. Tap the Desired category to view files.
    device 5048/9007042_02.jpg
  4. To upload a file to Google Doc, touch and hold the Desired file.
    device 5048/9007042_03.jpg
  5. Select Desired file(s) by tapping the checkboxes, tap the Share icon.
    device 5048/9007042_04.jpg
  6. Tap Drive.
    device 5048/9007042_05.jpg
  7. Edit document title, select Desired account and Folder, then tap SAVE.
    device 5048/9007042_06.jpg

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