Available memory
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Available memory

Check the available device storage.

  1. This device is available with 32GB of internal, usable memory and the option to add a MicroSD card (sold separately) up to 64GB.
    device 5041/9006180_01.jpg
  2. From the Apps Menu tap the Settings icon.
    device 5041/9006180_02.jpg
  3. Scroll to and tap Storage.
    device 5041/9006180_03.jpg
  4. The device storage summary will be displayed beneath Device memory.
    device 5041/9006180_04.jpg
  5. Scroll down to view the SD card memory summary.
    device 5041/9006180_05.jpg
  6. To free up memory on your device, delete unwanted pictures, music, and videos by tapping Photos > Select desired files > Tap DELETE .
    Note: See the ‘Transfer media to & from computer’ tutorial for information on moving files from your device to your computer.
    device 5041/9006180_06.jpg
  7. Remove unused apps by tapping Settings > Application Manager > Tap desired app > Tap UNINSTALL or DISABLE.
    device 5041/9006180_07.jpg
  8. Clear app data by tapping Settings > Apps > Tap desired app > Tap CLEAR DATA.
    device 5041/9006180_08.jpg
  9. Use a cloud storage app such as Google Drive (Apps > Drive) to leave more space free on your phone.
    Note: You can also download cloud storage apps via the Play Store.
    device 5041/9006180_09.jpg
  10. Purchase an SD memory card to expand your device memory.
    device 5041/9006180_10.jpg

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