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Send & receive email

Create, view, and respond to email from your watch.

  1. Your watch can be used to write emails as well as read emails received on your mobile device.
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  2. To compose an email, from the watch face, say 'Ok Google' to display the "Speak now" prompt.
    Note: If your watch doesn't respond, tap the screen to wake it up. 
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  3. Say "Email".
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  4. The 'To whom?' screen will be displayed. You will see the Speak now prompt.
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  5. Say the name of the contact you want to send an email to, then select the contact you want when the contact's list appears.
    device 5035/9006151_05.jpg
  6. You will be prompted to say the message you want to send.
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  7. Your message will send automatically.
    Note: To cancel sending the email, tap the X icon.
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  8. To checking emails on your phone, return to reading your emails on your watch, then swipe the message card from right to left and tap Open on phone.
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  9. To reply to an email on your watch, swipe from right to left you can take different actions, such as archive or reply. 
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  10. Tap Reply and say your message. Your message will send automatically.
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  11. To delete or archive email messages, swipe the message card from right to left and tap Delete or Archive.
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