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Alarm clock

This tutorial shows how to set up the alarm clock on your device.

  1. To set an alarm, from the watch face, say “Ok Google” to display the "Speak now" prompt.
    Note: If your watch doesn't respond, tap the screen to wake it up. Multiple alarms can be set on your watch. Your watch and phone alarms are separate.. 
    device 5035/9006561_01.jpg
  2. Say "Set an alarm for <time> PM/AM". 
    device 5035/9006561_02.jpg
  3. When an alarm goes off, your watch will vibrate and display a card.
    device 5035/9006561_03.jpg
  4. To turn the alarm off, drag from left to right.
    device 5035/9006561_04.jpg
  5. To snooze, drag from right to left.
    Note: The default snooze time is 10 minutes.
    device 5035/9006561_05.jpg
  6. To see current alarms, from the watch face, say “Ok Google” You will see the Speak now prompt.
    Note: If your screen is dim, tap the screen to wake up the watch.
    device 5035/9006561_06.jpg
  7. Say "Show alarms". You will see a list of the alarms that you have set on your watch.
    device 5035/9006561_07.jpg
  8. Swipe down to see existing alarms.
    Note: To add an alarm, tap New alarm.
    device 5035/9006561_08.jpg
  9. To change the alarm time, set the alarm to repeat, turn alarm sound or vibration on or off, or remove the alarm, tap the Edit icon next to the desired alarm
    device 5035/9006561_09.jpg

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