View & manage data
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Kyocera Dura XE (E4710)

View & manage data

How to view bill balance, data usage & minutes usage.

  1. To view and manage data on your phone use star codes via Menu > Contacts > AT&T Service Contacts.
    device 5051/9006183_01.jpg
  2. 225# AT&T CHECK BILL BALANCE. Check invoice balance and last payment received.
    device 5051/9006183_02.jpg
  3. *729 AT&T PAY MY BILL. Make payment on an invoice.
    device 5051/9006183_03.jpg
  4. *3282# AT&T VIEW DATA USAGE. Check remaining data/text package balance.
    device 5051/9006183_04.jpg
  5. *646# AT&T VIEW MY MINUTES. Check remaining minute balance.
    device 5051/9006183_05.jpg

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