Signal & cellular data
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Kyocera Dura XE (E4710)

Signal & cellular data

View cellular network signal, turn international roaming, and your mobile data connection on or off.

  1. AT&T Network signal strength displays in the Notification bar.
    Note: View the AT&T Wireless Network coverage map.
    device 5051/9007005_01.jpg
  2. When connected to 4G LTE, the 4G LTE icon will be displayed in the Notification bar.
    Note: To learn more about the AT&T network, visit
    device 5051/9007005_02.jpg
  3. From the home screen, select Menu.
    device 5051/9007005_03.jpg
  4. Select Settings.
    device 5051/9007005_04.jpg
  5. Select Wireless & networks.
    device 5051/9007005_05.jpg
  6. Then select More.
    device 5051/9007005_06.jpg
  7. Select Cellular networks.
    device 5051/9007005_07.jpg
  8. Select Mobile Data.
    device 5051/9007005_08.jpg
  9. Select Standard Data, then select On.
    Note: Mobile data is on by default. Turning off the mobile data will not allow any data to be transferred over the wireless network. Wi-Fi access, voice function, and standard text messaging are still allowed. You can also turn data on/off using your myAT&T account. Learn more about disabling or activating AT&T Mobile Share member’s data usage by device.
    device 5051/9007005_09.jpg
  10. To turn Standard Data off, from the Mobile Data menu, select Standard Data. Then select Off.
    device 5051/9007005_10.jpg

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