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Camera & Video Settings
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Camera & Video Settings

Manage camera and video settings including flash, timer, voice control, recording mode, storage location, and more.

  1. From the home screen, select the Camera app.
    Note: When in "Easy" mode, only a limited amount of camera settings and modes will be available.
    device 5177/9006160_01.jpg
  2. TURN ON/OFF FLASH: Select the Flash icon, then select the desired option.
    device 5177/9006160_02.jpg
  3. SET A TIMER: From the Camera, swipe left then select Timer.
    device 5177/9006160_03.jpg
  4. Select the desired option.
    device 5177/9006160_04.jpg
  5. CHANGE PICTURE SIZE: From the Camera Settings screen, select Resolution then select the desired Resolution size.
    device 5177/9006160_05.jpg
  6. SET STORAGE LOCATION: From the Camera Settings screen, select the Priority save in SD card switch to save photos to the SD card.
    Note: Alternately, swipe down from the Notification bar then select the Settings icon > scroll to and select Memory & storage > select Default location > desired option (Internal storage or SD card).
    device 5177/9006160_06.jpg
  7. USE AUDIO CONTROL: From the Camera Settings screen, select Audio control then select the Audio control switch. To Say Cheese to take photos or Take photos when your voice reaches a certain decibel level, select the desired option.
    device 5177/9006160_07.jpg
  8. CAPTURE SMILES: From the Camera Settings screen, select the Capture smiles switch to take photos automatically when smiles are detected.
    device 5177/9006160_08.jpg

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