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Make & Receive a Call

Place, receive, and reject a call.

  1. MAKE A PHONE CALL: From the home screen, select the Dialer app. Enter the desired number, then select the Call icon.
    Note: To learn about calling or using your device in other countries, visit the AT&T International website.
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  2. While a call is active, the Active call notification will be displayed in the Notification bar.
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  3. SPEED DIAL: From the Dialer app, select and hold the desired speed dial number.
    Note: To add or remove contacts to speed dial, from the Dialer app select the Menu icon > Settings > Speed dial > edit as desired.
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  4. ANSWER OR DECLINE A CALL: Select the Call icon to answer a call. Select the Decline icon to decline a call.
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  5. DECLINE A CALL WITH MESSAGE: Select Message. Select the desired text message or select Custom message to write your own.
    Note: To create or edit text message replies, from the home screen select the Dialer app > Menu icon > Reject calls with SMS > select desired message to edit.
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  6. CREATE A CONFERENCE CALL: While on an active call, select Add call. Enter the desired number or contact, then select the Call icon.
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