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Email Settings

Manage email settings such as server settings, signature, sync frequency, add an account, delete an account, and restore default settings.

1. ACCESS EMAIL SETTINGS: From the home screen, select the Email app.

Note: In order to access email settings, you must have already Set Up Email.

step 1

2. Select the Menu icon, then select Settings.

step 2

3. Edit email settings as desired. To change settings specific to an account, select the desired account.

step 3

4. EDIT EMAIL SIGNATURE: Select Edit signature > enter the desired email signature > select the Checkmark icon.

step 4

5. CHANGE ACCOUNT SERVER SETTINGS: From the desired account's Settings screen, scroll to and select Incoming server settings or Outgoing server settings > enter desired server settings > SAVE.

step 5

6. EDIT SYNC FREQUENCY: From the desired account's Settings screen, scroll to and select Sync schedule > enter the desired sync preferences > select SAVE.

step 6

7. ADD ADDITIONAL EMAIL ACCOUNTS: From the email Settings screen, select Add account > desired email provider > follow the prompts.

step 7

8. DELETE AN EMAIL ACCOUNT: From the email Settings screen, select the Menu icon then select Remove account. Select the desired checkboxes then select REMOVE to confirm this action.

step 8

9. RESTORE DEFAULT EMAIL SETTINGS: From the email Settings screen, select the Menu icon > Reset settings > RESET.

step 9

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