Browse the Web

Browse the web, use browser tabs and bookmarks, and access browser settings to clear history, manage pop-ups, adjust text size, and more.



  1. ACCESS BROWSER: Select the Firefox app from the home screen.
    Note: Upon first access, follow the prompts to personalize your Mozilla Firefox experience. Follow the prompts to continue.
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  2. Enter the desired website in the Search field, then select Go.
    Note: If the Search field is not in view, swipe down from the center of the screen.
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  3. BOOKMARK A SITE: Select the Menu icon, then select the Favorites icon.
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  4. Bookmark added will appear at the bottom of the screenSelect OPTIONS to edit bookmark preferences.
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  5. ACCESS BOOKMARKS: Select the Menu icon, then select Bookmarks. Select the desired bookmark.
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  6. ACCESS BROWSER TABS: Select the Tabs icon.
    Note: The number on the browser tab indicates the amount of open tabs
    device 5149/9006113_06.jpg
  7. To open a new browser tab, select the Add icon. To close a browser tab, select the X icon on the desired tab window.
    Note: To close all tabs, select the Tabs icon > Menu icon > Close All Tabs.
    device 5149/9006113_07.jpg
  8. PRIVATE BROWSING: Use Private Browsing if you don't want Firefox to save a record of what you visit and download. Browser history, cookies, and search history will be deleted after you've closed all of your Private tabs.
    Note: To access Private Browsing, from the menu window select New private tab.
    device 5149/9006113_08.jpg
  9. ACCESS BROWSER SETTINGS: Access browser settings for options like clearing history, blocking/unblocking pop-ups, adjusting text size and setting the default home page. From the browser, select the Menu icon then select Settings.
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